Threadbare RPG

Created by Stephanie Bryant

Threadbare RPG
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549 backers pledged $11,919.00 on Kickstarter

"Plushie or plastic, mate?" In Threadbare RPG, you play a jury-rigged toy in a broken, stitched-together world.

Raised in Kickstarter
$11,919.00 / 549 backers
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$1,182.00 / 584 backers

Latest Updates from Our Project:

News of Threadbare and of Stephanie
23 days ago – Tue, May 01, 2018 at 08:53:54 PM

Awesome Shoutouts!

With Threadbare now available via IPR, it's starting to appear in local game shops! ENWorld has noticed!

IPR is currently out of stock, but I've ordered a batch of 100 copies to be printed and shipped to them soon. They should be back in stock in a couple of weeks.

And Pop Culture Uncovered mentioned Threadbare in their Tabletop Tuesday: Games written by women article! I am so honored to be included with such amazing designers!

Exciting Personal News

As some of you may know, I've been in and out of work for the past year. I'm a Scrum Master/project manager, which can be a great job, but is also something that doesn't have a high churn rate.

Well, a month ago, I was hired at my dream job, and am now the Scrum Master (with a few other hats) at Roll20!

One of the exciting things about this is that it brings me into a new area of the gaming industry that I hadn't been in before. It also encourages me to poke around at writing a Roll20 character sheet for Threadbare. The character sheet tools are something I'd like to learn more about, and what better way than with a system I know so well.

Threadbare in Print on DriveThru and IPR!
2 months ago – Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 11:44:30 PM

All copies are either arrived or on their way to backers, contributors, and pre-order customers. Fulfillment is now at 100%!

If something went wrong, and you don't have your book in the next week or so, please message me here on Kickstarter or by email. I used your Kickstarter email address for the DriveThru orders, so check there and in spam filters first.

Available in Print!

Threadbare is now available in print-on-demand on DriveThruRPG and IPR!  I've also signed up with Bits and Mortar to support local game stores and encourage people to buy it in person!


Just a reminder: if you're in Las Vegas this weekend, I'll be running Threadbare at MeepleCon on Saturday, March 17, at 2 PM. I hope to see you there!

Next Project?

I'm working on a few things right now, and look forward to letting you know all about them when they get close to being announced. Please sign up to the Threadbare newsletter if you'd like future announcements.

All Ordered and/or Shipped!
3 months ago – Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 09:33:07 PM

Woo hoo!

At this point, everyone's books have either been shipped or, for those who didn't fill out Backerkit but did give me their address on Kickstarter, on order. I also closed out backer surveys for "Tiny threads" who didn't really need to do anything on Backerkit.

If you haven't received your book in the next two weeks or so, please contact me via Kickstarter or Backerkit!

Here's the rough timeline of when books went out:

  • Color Softcovers: August 2017
  • Color Softcover Refunds: January 2018; if you requested a refund, you should be able to order a replacement at cost and have money in your Drivethru account to pay for it.
  • Color Hardcovers: Late January 2018
  • Black and White Softcovers: Early February 2018
  • Signed Copies (hardcover and softcover): February 24, 2018. (Meant to get them to the post office on Tuesday, but schedule didn't permit.)
  • Contributor Copies: February 24, 2018.

There's a small handful of folks who never filled out their surveys-- I'll leave those open for a while and hope they come back.

Next Steps

The next exciting steps for Threadbare are to get this book out to the public at large! It's been available in PDF for a while, but now that the hard copies are out to the backers, I can post it up on DriveThruRPG, IPR, and other fine retailers! When it starts rolling out, please be sure to give me a shout out if you see it in the wild!

Tapering Off Kickstarter Communications

I had a goal with this Kickstarter to communicate with my backers regularly, aiming for about once a month, more when I've needed to communicate something (like the book refund), and I hope I succeeded in the delicate balance of "keep you informed, but not overwhelmed with information."

The next couple of months will see me tapering off of this platform and switching to more public forums, specifically Facebook, Google+, and the email list-- see below!

Join Me on Facebook, Google+, and Email

You know we have Facebook and Google+ groups already, but did you also know I have a Threadbare Enthusiasts email list? Yep! Since I didn't specifically ask you all to opt-in, I didn't think it would be fair to just sign you up for the list, but I would love for you to join it now! Just click this link to fill out a quick form! Just as I don't send a lot of Kickstarter updates without cause, I don't use mailing lists excessively-- just to let you know what new things I'm creating, and keep you in the loop about any special offers or cool things coming up.

I am loving as people post on social media when they get their books or run games. I prefer the hashtag #threadbarerpg, largely because it's unusual enough not to be confused with other "threadbare" things.

Almost Done!
3 months ago – Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 11:11:52 PM


Unsigned books have been ordered on DriveThruRPG. The signed books are going in the mail either tomorrow or Tuesday (Monday being a holiday). There are about 9 copies I need to still order-- mostly pre-orders, but also mutiple-copy orders, which get handled manually. Hooray!

Next week, I'll turn on POD ordering on DriveThruRPG, so if you have any friends who've been waiting to buy it, it'll be available soon!

New Options for Accessing the Threadbare Blog and Jury-Rigger Content

I'm trying out Amazon's new text-to-speech plugin, and thought the Threadbare blog would be an excellent place to try it out! So, as of today, the posts on the website, including the fan-created Jury-Rigger content, have an audio option, and you can subscribe to the audio RSS feed and on iTunes!

Unfortunately, the plugin doesn't work for pages yet, so I may just record those separately. I am also looking into getting Threadbare converted to Braille through the DOTS program-- more details on that when it happens!


I'll be running Threadbare at Strategicon in Los Angeles on the weekend of February 16-19, and again at MeepleCon in Las Vegas on March 16-19. I'm running the game at 2 PM on Saturday both weekends. 

I'll also be scheduling some online games in the next couple of months through The Gauntlet gaming network and independently. I'll post here when those games are available to sign up!

In addition, I'd love to get volunteers to run Threadbare at Origins and GenCon again. Menachem Cohen is going to be running the game for Dreamchaser at GenCon (THANK YOU, MENACHEM!), and I have two 4-hour slots open for anyone who wants to GM for the IGDN tables as well! 12 hours earns you a free badge to the convention! I'm hoping to make it to GenCon this year-- keep your fingers crossed!

Color Softcover Replacements: Refunds are in!
4 months ago – Fri, Feb 02, 2018 at 03:12:48 PM

This update pertains to you if you backed for the color softcover book.

DriveThruRPG has issued refunds for the color softcover books. If you sent me your picture and order number back in November, you should have a credit in your account and an at-cost coupon. The email these went to is your Kickstarter email, so check there first!

When you use the coupon, you'll be charged $13 and change for the book, plus shipping. During checkout, there's an option to use your Account Credit as a payment method. The amount in your account credit should be enough to cover both the book and shipping.

Refunds were processed as store credit. Account shown had additional funds already.
Refunds were processed as store credit. Account shown had additional funds already.

If you didn't send in your information in November, but your book is misprinted: never fear! DriveThruRPG knows about this issue and will happily give you the refund as well so you can buy a replacement book. All you need to do is contact them through the website. It will help if you have your order number (which should be in your Account history). If they can't find you and you need me to look up your order number, send me a message here and I will get you that information.